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Hello everbody, I am in a real problem and need your help...

I have widnows xp service pack 3 and use two hard disk, one IDE and the other Serial Ata.. I use the IDE one for my windows files and my windows is installed in the IDE itself... I used the Serail Ata hard disk to save all my works, docuemnts, music, everything, and actually it is not loading... That's the problem..

When i boot up my pc, it shows the two hard disk, the windows stat to load but as soon as the window finish loading, instead getting the User Account Page, the screen get black..

and actualy when i remove the serial ata hard disk, it loads normally and i dpont get any problems but the problem is taht i need all my work and everything which is in my serial ata hard disk.. Please give me some advice... Thnxxx...
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  1. get a USB dock so that you can convert a SATA drive into an external USB drive, and back up all the data, then reformat the drive. I would suggest to unstall your OS onto the SATA drive not the IDE, as its faster and more compatible with older tech, like IDE. You will find Windows loads faster and all programs run faster, for data IDE is fast enough, its not for loading now. Just to know, what version of SATA is it? realy im asking the speed, so 1.5 or 3 Gb/s? by the sounds of it it wont be 6 Gb/s. (you can call serial ata, SATA as its easier and its the same thing)
  2. Thnx for the reply man, well are you sure that it will load with the USB dock??? because i have even put the hard disk in another pc and its still same, the screen goes black...???
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