Low GPU score 3DMark Vantage(Bottlenecking?)

I was wondering why my graphics score in 3Dmark vantage was so low for a GTX 260, and I thought maybe the rest of my system may be bottlenecking it.

I scored a 32970 in CPU
9807 in GPU

Others with the same processor and GTX 260 scored 17000+

My system:
Intel Q6600 At 3.0Ghz
6 gigs of mixed ram(two OCZ 1 gig sticks at 667, and two 2 gig sticks of A-data at 800)
EVGA GTX 260 216 Graphics Card
Asus PN5 E-SLI 650i Motherboard
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  1. I don't use vantage so I don't know about the score, or if this thread is too dead for you to reply to buuut... the Q6600 @3.0ghz shouldn't bottleneck the GTX 260 and make sure you are searching for CPUs with the same frequency, a lot of people have some wickedly clocked Q6600s out there. ;) Also I know 3dmark06 doesn't show if the person is using SLI/crossfire so watch for that on vantage (which I'm guessing they would fix but since I don't know *shrug)

    Also, if you are using windows XP you should stick with your 2 faster A-data sticks if they are 2GB each. Try taking out the OCZ stick and see if you get an increase or decrease in performance, even though I'm sure you have tried this. (and I'm not saying this could dramatically change your vantage score, but other performance on your PC). Also a FYI a 32bit OS will not use more than 3.2GBish of ram so watch out!
  2. where on the earth have you seen gtx260 scroing 17000....Its the cpu when accompanied with physicsX gives a score like 32000....you kindly turn off your physicsX to test your real cpu performance....so your scores are perfectly okkk
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