GT8800 shows white vertical lines of about 5-10 pixels at mobo post and windows

My brothers GT8800 graphics card went bad suddenly and is showing a somewhat garbled display at the motherboard post with white dots or lines (but in an ordered pattern).

When it tries to load windows it fails, but it works fine in safe mode with no graphical issues.

We put in a different video card, everything is fine.

My brother left the GT8800 out of the PC over night and when he put it back in it was working fine for about 10 min and when he came back to it it was failing again.

Does anyone have an idea what could be wrong?
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  1. The card is dying.
  2. he's only had it for a year

    he did get a shock when his leg brushed on the case right as his computer failed (the mobo wouldnt turn on and he had to hold the power to get it back up). Sorry, I forgot to mention this before.
  3. Agree with sabot, when garbled display and white dots or lines appears then it's more likely your card is dying.
    How about the temps?
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