Should I move my HD4890 to the PCI-Ex16 slot, instead of leaving it on x16 2.0?

Hi there, Currently my 4890's sitting on the 2.0 slot which would normally be fine, however the fan's placement on the 4890 means that it's blasting into the PSU's fan, which therefore means that the PSU is just sucking in hot air.

Would I lose that much performance if I were to move it to the PCI-Ex16 slot?

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  1. You wouldn't lose any performance, however on reference 4890 designs the fan is an intake fan, and hot air is exhausted out.
  2. Oh yeah. Thanks for that, clears up a lot. And I suppose it's blasted out of the bit above the DVI-I ports.

    Sorry about the easy question, first custom PC, etc.
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