Watercooling radiator and pump advice needed

Hello Everyone

This is my first post on Tom's Hardware and already sorry for my english.
I am planning to build my first water cooling system and was wondering if you might melp me with the rad size and the pump selection.

I'm using a intel i7 2600K and 2 GTX 570 in SLI which im planning to cool. I'd really prefer to cool the 3 components in 1 single loop by using an aquacomputer Aquastream advanced. Is this enough?
About the radiatoris: I was first planning to go with a 120.2 and a 140.1 but as far as i have come till now with me research, this is not going to be enough - will instead a 120.3 and a 140.1 do the job? I am NOT planning to overclock the system.

Thank you in advance.
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  1. Hi.

    First, I want to know why do you want use LC in that rig if you don't plan overclock it. Now, regarding the pump, a Swiftech MCP-655D can do an excellent job in that loop. For radiators I'd go with two 120x3 or at least one 120x3 plus a 120x2 in this configuration.

    Reservoir > pump > Radiator1 > CPU > Radiator2 > GPU SLI > Reservoir.

    And I suggest you add a fan controller to that rig.
  2. The interest in LC is primary in Building the system itself since i wanted to do this for a long time now. I allready have a Fancontroller so that wont be a problem, but I'm now a little confused about the radiators: I asked the same question over at overclock.net and they told me that a 120x2 plus a 140x1 should be sufficient. I dont want to say that any of you is wrong, but for me this is pretty confusing.
  3. Well, both are ok.

    120x3 plus 120x3 or 120x2 plus 140x1 can do the job in that rig since your don want overclock, I suggest two 120x3 radiators for two main reasons.

    1) With that power rig, at some point you will want overclock it...just wait the time and you will say "hell yeah"...
    2) I don't like the 140 radiators for "space".

    At this point, I suggest your go with the option that represents less money for you. Remember use a Silver Kill Coil in the reservoir and don't use other products for give color to the liquid...if you want a good look, use colored tube for that.
  4. Ok thank you very much for clearing that up - the main problem for the 120x3 is the space in the case but i'll keep your words in Mind.
  5. I sure will - thank you again!
  6. Not problem, as I said, go with the best options for you in price/space and preference (visual)...enjoy it and let us know the results...
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