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Hello there I am looking for a video card that can support 2 monitors. I see new HD5xxx from ATI support up to 6 monitors however monitor have to be with DisplayPort .... so no other monitors will work ? Please if possible tell me what card will work with 2 monitors out of the box without any extra hardware like triplehead2go or anything.....

Thank you !.


Can I just get Nvidia card with 2 DVI ports and connect 2 monitors and will it work ?

Thanks !
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  1. any graphics card sold today can support 2 montiors. lower end cards have HDMI,DVI and VGA putputs while mid range cards have s-video, and 2 DVI.

    the 5000 series cards have 2 DVI, HDMI, and displayport and can support 3 monitors. there is supposed to be a 6 monitor one with 6 minidisplayport outputs but that seems like overkill for what you want to do.
  2. Oh thx a lot so big deal is about 3 monitors not 2 ... got it. In that case just to make sure will this 2 options will do what i need ?


    Thanks a lot !


    I was confused because people talk about SLI and CF and 3 monitor gaming .. in my case there is no 3D I want Photoshop on one screen and some website or movie or Adobe premiere on other screen :D

    Thanks !
  3. Both those cards will hadle what you want to do and more. If your not going to game then you could go as low as a HD 4670 for your 2D apps.
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