400-500 new gaming system/upgrade, hows my selection?

Hi Everyone,

So my pc was too far gone to recycle/upgrade so its time for a completely new system.
I have upgraded my hdd's and optical in the past so they dont need updating.
I have done some browsing and googling and I came to the selection as posted below, any thoughts/comments/advise on my build would be hugely appreciated.
I am especially interested in if all these items will work together nicely.

Also I am from Holland and that where i'll buy my stuff but we got exactly the same stuff here as you guys do so I added english links to all the parts I selected. I hope that'll work for you guys ;)

Within 2 weeks

Top 400-600 euro’s

Multitasking -> downloading, unpacking, burning, repairing (Quickpar), surfing, streaming, word.
Gaming ->COD MW2, Fallout3, wow, Dragon Age Origins.
Watching movies -> HD

Monitor – Using Acer X243H 23” and Samsung syncmaster 940R 19”
OS – Using Win 7, 64 bit professional MSDN
Opticals: - Using a sata dvd burner
Hdd’s: - Using 2x 500 GB sata

Doesnt matter really but I always buy my stuff at http://www.4launch.nl/shop/ its Dutch though.

The Netherlands // Holland

*I’ll prefer a quad core so it’ll last a time and so I can multitask like crazy. But i guess that if I can do the same things just as efficiently on a core 2 duo that would be fine also.
*AMD just gives me the shivers for some reason, it feels fake somehow :p
*Socket 1156 and DDR3 are my preference, since it’ll be easyer to update something in a few years when I buy newer tech now.

Maybe, never done but might do it in the future. (If I ever get around to investigating into it)
Maybe, not just yet though.

1920x1080 and 1280x1024

Quiet = good
Dont care about case looks
Want the possiblity to upgrade part by part in the future should that be needed.
I always work with loads of hdd’s so the more sata connectors the better.


CLUB3D 4850 512MB PCI-E
Dutch link: https://maxict.nl/product/1848275/_4850_512MB_PCI-E?btwview=in&rs=vergelijk
English link: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814129138
85 euro’s in holland
Good reviews

Cooler Master Midi Tower Gladiator 600 ATX No PSU (zwart)
Dutch link: http://www.4launch.nl/shop/#p-4-productid-073001
English link: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811119206
49 euro
5 fan slots
7 expansion slots


Antec Two Hundred
Dutch link: http://computerbehuizingen.centralpoint.nl/antec/two-hundred%2beu/two-hundred/?ref=6
English link: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811129070&cm_re=antec_two_hundred_case-_-11-129-070-_-Product
45 euro’s
5 fan slots
7 expansion slots
Dutch Link: http://www.4launch.nl/shop/#p-4-productid-059309
52 euro’s
6 sata
Ultra quiet
500 watt

GIGABYTE GA-P55M-UD2 LGA 1156 Intel P55 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard
Dutch link: http://www.4launch.nl/shop/#p-4-productid-080522
English link: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128405
8x sata
2x PCI-e
Socket 1156

OCZ 2x2GB DDR3 PC12800 CL7.0 Platinum
Dutch link: http://www.4launch.nl/shop/#p-4-productid-060448
English link: (Mind its only 2x2gig not 3x2gig) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820227365&Tpk=ocz%20PC12800
107 euro for 2x2gig ddr3


OCZ 2x2GB DDR3 PC10666 CL7.0 Platinum
Dutch link: http://www.4launch.nl/shop/#p-4-productid-051551
English link: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820227478&cm_re=ocz_platinum_ddr3-_-20-227-478-_-Product
89,50 euro
(Is the 12800 vs the 10666 really worth 20 euro’s?)

Dutch link: http://www.4launch.nl/shop/#p-4-productid-080194
English link: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819115215&cm_re=i5_750_2.66ghz-_-19-115-215-_-Product
Quad core
1MB L2, 8MB L3 Cache
Socket: 1156
None needed.
none needed.

Case: 49
CPU: 161
Motherboard: 89
PSU: 52
Graphicss: 85
HDD: -
Opticals: -
Total: 445

So any advise/thoughts on this build would be hugely appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
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  1. By the way, why I add the prices up, I get 525.

    Case: I like the Antec 200 more, but either would be good.

    RAM: The 1333 mhz are probably worth it, as long as it doesn't break the budget.

    GPU: I would like to recommend finding an HD 5770. The increase shouldn't destroy your budget, and the 5770 is a little more powerful, and a lot more future proof with DirectX 11 support and better Crossfiring.

    Other than that, it's a good build.
  2. Thank you for the quick reply.

    I like the 5770 however for its 135 euro's its a bit of an increase in the budget.

    Together with the calculation booboo that I made (thanks for pointing it out) that would bring me at 525+50=575.

    Choices choices :p

    So just to be sure you advice the: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820227478&cm_re=ocz_platinum_ddr3-_-20-227-478-_-Product for memory?

    Also I read that the motherboard I selected could have a problem with OCZ memory, is that just a myth or is it a known problem?
  3. Depends on where you read it. If it's in user written reviews (like on Newegg), it's probably a myth, or at least a technological moron who shouldn't be near a computer. If it's a professional review, then it might be true. I haven't heard anything though.
  4. Yeah user review on newegg :p

    Thanks for the info MA, ordering it all now. (Going with the 5770)
  5. LGA1156 has no upgrade path, beyond the i7 870. That's the one area where AMD's socket AM3 has an edge, but essentially the only one. DDR3 will hopefully be around for a while. I'm not sure this should matter, unless socket longevity is particularly important. AMD may or may not ever leapfrog Intel again. There's no modern quad core that won't offer adequate performance, whether its Intel or AMD. You will get slightly better performance in some of your applications with Intel, but not likely any visible difference in games.
    I'd take the Antec case over Coolermaster any day of the week. I've never bought a CM case that didn't have minor quality issues. Even if they were easy to fix (like untapped screw holes), I just got tired of it. My CM-RC690 has great airflow, but will be the last CM case I buy.
    Although you could do better than the OCZ PSU (Antec, Seasonic, Corsair, PC Power & Cooling, Enermax to name a few), you could more easily do worse. It should suffice.
    Otherwise, I agree with MadAdmiral.
  6. thank you for your reply jtt, the only reason really that I went for this PSU was cuz it was on discount at the place I order all my stuff from :p
  7. @jtt283: The 1156 socket's upgrade path is debatable. The problem is that Intel won't say anything. I mostly agree that there isn't one. However, the i5 is so much better than the AM3 CPUs that it doesn't really matter right now. And actually, the i5 is the best gaming CPU out there, so you would benefit from sticking with the 1156 for gaming.

    As a counterpoint to the CM quality issues, I have an Antec 902, and one front mount/fan came with 2 screw holes broken off. The fan is now secured by tape to keep it from rattling. So no matter what you choose, you could always get something that's defective. Would I rule out Antec because of the minor flaw? Not as long as the case keeps everything cool.

    I've found that the OCZ PSU are generally about the same quality as Antec, Corsair and Enermax for far less money. I think that right now it's in the sweet spot as far as price and performance....

    But always good things to bring up.
  8. btw I just realised I didnt link the PSU correctly.
    500w is good enough for this build right? Just double checking.
  9. Yes, just you won't be able to do any Crossfire with it.
  10. Oh yes, I was not suggesting a switch, my comment being that AM3 has no other advantage.
    I'd let a single bad product slide, and usually do. When EVERY one of a company's products that I bought has had [minor] defects, it's time to throw in the towel.
    I think that particular OCZ PSU is 80+, so it's probably decent; I know there are some that aren't, and have been reading some other things about poor component selection in some models, but this one should be fine. I'll admit to being an Antec / Seasonic fanboy, but I think the reviews support my opinions pretty well on those.
  11. Hmmm i'd like to keep the possibility of crossfire open.

    I have never used crossfire, what do I need to look for in a PSU to be able to use crossfire? More watt or an extra connector for pci-e ?
  12. Mostly just wattage. You can buy adaptors to convert the connectors. I would want at least a 700W PSU for Crossfire. Supposedly a 650W will handle it, but I like to leave some head room.
  13. I found this one.


    Its a bit more expensive (30 euro's over here) but it has more wattage wich gives the possibility of future crossfire, also it has more sata connectors.

    I just figured out that the previous one only had 6 sata connectors and this one has 8 (The motherboard also has 8 sata).

    I guess this is a good one right? It also says its super quiet so thats an extra plus.
  14. Corsair is always a good choice. It's also slightly more expensive for the name. OCZ has a good StealthXStream 700W unit that's really cheap over here.
  15. StealthXStream is also 10 euro's cheaper here but it only has 2 sata connectors.

    Who nowadays only uses 2 sata devices!? :p


    I'll get the corsair one, it's got everything i'll ever need in a PSU.

    Thanks for the advice again everyone.
  16. That's a good choice. The StealthXStream has been getting a lot of recommendations lately, but it doesn't impress me. It's not even 80+ certified.
  17. I agree, shortstuff. The Corsair would be great, but that's one of the OCZs I would not buy, absent a positive competent technical review.
  18. The reason I recommend it is that it's $50-60, depending on the rebate. It's still quality, it's just not efficient. You're really going to say that it's worth twice the price to gain a few % points in power efficiency?
  19. Damorian said:
    Hmmm i'd like to keep the possibility of crossfire open.

    Did you buy your parts already? This may be too late, but I wanted to point out that the motherboard in your OP, the GA-P55M-UD2, does not support x8, x8 SLI/CF. For a little over $100 it's a great board at a price that's tough to beat. But if you want SLI/CF then you should look elsewhere.
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