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Dear friends,

I have HITACHI 2.5" SATA harddrive. This harddrive malfunctioned a year ago. (when run under MS Win OS through USB controller PC freezes).
Today I tried to find the HDD through PCI SATA card 2x SATA 1x PATA (it's AXAGO PCIS-35) / the BIOS util show this HDD, identifies even the serial number, size, manufacturer.

The problem is when i try to boot the OS (win xp3 with drivers for PCI SATA card set) this drive makes the OS freeze during booting. I tried another 2.5" drive which is OK and there was no problem. I could access it easily.

The thing is I do not know how to boot an OS (maybe HIREN toolkit?) to support the PCI SATA card and try to retrieve as much data from this HDD. Or run a diganostic/fix tool.

Please, is there anything constructive i can do about this HDD?

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  1. Ok, so i tried Hiren Boot 15 via USB.
    There's plenty of goodies. So i tried to go for some of the Windows Disk Tools.

    Having this damaged SATA disk corrupted, Mini Windows XP will not boot. Well they do but halfways and are not usable.

    Let's see some good DOS tools, i.e. PhotoRec 6.13b, TestDisk 6.13b, both of them freeze (or work veeeery slowly) when they do any reads.

    Tried SmartUDM 2.00, well i can make a pretty good diagnostics of this HDD. Nothing seems broken.
    Right now i started Image for DOS from TeraByteInc. And it seems working. Very slowly. There is TBI Viewer that you can download and see whats in there.

    I am very eager to see what is there.
  2. After this night, and setting Ignore I/O Errors in Image for DOS 2.66, it's stuck on 122MiB, estimate is 609 hours.
    Guys I'm quite desperate about this HDD, please do you have any advice how to recovery the data from it?


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