Second hdd has another os, i want to erase everything on it but that

i salvaged a hdd from a netbook, and it has windows 7 on it along with other data (which i think includes drivers and such for the netbook). i connected this to my desktop which already has win7. id like help wiht eraseing ALL data on the second hard drive without wiping out the second OS on it.

thanks guys!
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  1. Why - the OS is no good except for the same hardware as the notebook it came out of. -format it & use it.
  2. oh, i thought i would be able to boot from the second hd aswell...
  3. couldnt i just keep the files from both OS and choose which hdd to boot from in the boot menu?
  4. i geuss that wont work. but i have another question, i formatted the drive and i noticed theres a 13gb partition on it thats called the recovery volume. in computer managment it wont let me delete it, and in diskpart whenever i try to delete it disk part crashes. when i try to remove the hidden attribute it just says "virtual disk service error: the object is not found" i selected the volume before doing this. can anyone help me with this? this recovery partition is completely empty and useless anyway because it was the recovery for the previous computer. its just a waste of 13gb that i cant use
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