I plug my computer dual core to a crt

I bought a computer gateway dual core and I plug it to a CRT but the image that is displaying is not complete is like the screen does not fit the monitor how can I setup to get the complete image on the screen??
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  1. You can adjust the Windows resolution in Windows display properties, and you can make additional adjustments using the CRT's on-screen menu, e.g., stretch, increase/decrease width and height of the display, etc..
  2. Hi thank you for your advice, but I'm still having truobles the main problem will be that the image that diplays on the screens is like to big and when I move the mouse pointer its like it moves the screen, it's like I'm able to see just a piece of the screen and I try to resize this using windows display properties to adjust resolution and also I tried directly from the CRT on-screen menu but it does not work. What el se can I do to ??
  3. What is the resolution currently set in Windows?
    And have you tried "Auto-Config" or "Auto-Adjust" or any similar commands in your CRT? What is your CRT brand & model?
  4. My CRT Brand: Relisys and model: TE786H.

    Yes I already tried those options from the commands in my CRT. Do you think I might need to install drivers??
  5. Windows should have generic drivers. If your CRT comes with drivers specific to it, then install it. If it still does not work try the CRT with another PC or even with a laptop. If it works fine then it must be with the PC video card to try another monitor there and let us know.
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