Help overclocking 3570k?

Right, im new to overclocking CPU's but ive had a little go and i always get BSOD as im just going off of what forums say,

My specs -

Asus Sabertooth z77
Intel 3570k
Corsair Vengeance RED 1600mhz

I have got my CPU up to 4.6ghz but wasn't stable i had OFFSET mode on with 0.030 + and LLC on Ultra high, Temps where about 74c max (Artic Cooling freezer 13), Is that correct? just need more voltage?

Any help will be very much appreciated, I would like to get my CPU to 4.5/4.6
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  1. Is this good? any help please?
  2. Don't use offset in this case, I would use fixed voltage.
  3. Well idk if im crazy or msi motherboards are weird but i can onlt get my 4.5ghz stable at 1.26volts
    So maybe try that but im underwater so its ok for me
  4. I think ive got it stable at 4.5ghz with 1.200v i have LLC on Ultra high, Power on Optimised and the temps are around 72c. could anyone please tell me how they overclock on offset as i don't want a constant voltage running through my cpu, i would like it to drop when idle
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