Building my First Pc and its for WoW

I'm building my first pc. I have done alot with pc's like changing motherboard out, video cards and Memory so i figured what the heck lets build one this year instead of buying one from best buy.

Here is what i plan on building

Keep in Mind i just want to get the best Gameplay for World of Warcraft i can meaning really good FPS while raiding 25 mans.

I was wondering did i go too big on the Video card or powersupply?

Any tweaks or suggestions would be great THANK YOU in advance :P
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  1. Did you check Newegg for prices?

    Switch the WD for a Samsung Spinpont F3. It's all around better, and will be cheaper.

    You absolutely went for overkill with those. At most, you'd need the 5770 and a 550W PSU.
  2. No i didnt check newegg on prices i'm new to this :( i always buy stuff from i'm just use to thier website but i will check newegg see if i can get prices from there.

    I thought i went overkill on PSU i could get a 750 Ultra modulator for 129.99 so that will save me .

    Another question is should i stick with amd quad or not because i heard u dont use all four cores when gaming is that true? maybe go with inter dual core or something?
  3. I would stick to Corsair, Antec Earthwatts or OCZ units.

    It's rare to see cheaper prices than Newegg, especially when looking at combos...

    I do know that the HAF 922 is in a combo with the OCZ StealthXStream 700W for $130 after rebate on Newegg. It's a great case with a good PSU for very cheap.

    I wouldn't get anything other than a quad or triple core (AMD only). The best gaming CPU right now is Intel's i5-750 because it can automatically overclock one core if the others aren't in use. It's also $200 by itself.

    It'd help if you posted according to the guidelines I link to in my signature. The Budget is especially important.
  4. re-posted the proper way :)
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