Windows 7 64-bit black screen of death opening control panel.

When ever I decide to open Nvidia Control panel inside 7 it goes to a black screen of death. When I click on Nvidia control panel it starts loading but then the screen goes black and I can hear the Device unplugged sound. The sound still works perfectly and if I'm listening to music or playing a video it'll keep playing until it finishes. I then have to reboot for the monitor to work again. Even after a reboot sometimes the monitor won't display so I have to go unplug the DVI wire, keep rebooting, remove and put back in video card. HEEELLLP!

My Specs:
4GB of ram

I have used the Nvidia Beta Forceware 195.81 and the normal Nvidia Forceware 195.62
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  1. Your nvlddmkmi Display Driver is not responding when the screens goes black.
    Well to fix it I would download Driver Sweeper first.
    Then disconnect your computer for the internet by unplugging it.
    Then Uninstall the NVIDIA driver.
    Then Restart.
    When you get to Wndows you should be using a generic driver.
    Run Driver Sweeper.
    After Driver Sweeper Finishes, Restart Again.
    Then install either the 186.07 or the 191.62 Driver.
    The Drivers that are newer than those are absolute CRAP.
    BTW the reason for disconnecting for the internet is so Windows install some random driver it finds on the internet.
  2. I already used driver sweeper, I tried reformatting, it still doesn't work. This problem hasn't happened before, it only happened recently about a month ago.
  3. Then check your memory with MEMTEST86
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