What drive is better for RAID 10/0+1

I have been looking at drives and WD describes their drives well enough for RAIDs and I have use the Caviar Blacks which work well, but Seagate has some with the same stats that are cheaper. I was wondering if there are specific Seagate drives that can handle RAIDs better than others?

These are my two selections:

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  1. Regular WD Caviar Black is bad for RAID, you need to get the WD Caviar Black RE.

    Seagate, in another hand, cheap, their fail rate is pretty high.

    It's about 20% for us and my company already moved away from Seagate and just WD RE drive for now.
  2. I read that about RE editions, before SATA III, that they are designed for RAID but I'm not making a server and the Caviar Blacks say they can handle RAID 0 or 1. I have run them in a RAID 0+1 because of that statement WD made. I had one drive failure but I blame my motherboard's RAID controller for that issue since it wouldn't rebuild in BIO's only in OS enviro. I just don't trust them for a RAID 5 or RAID 10.

    Yes the fail rate was what I am worried about because at least the Blacks give me a 5 year Limited Warranty.

    Thank you for the reply. I will look at the Enterprise WD again.
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