My Sony Optiarc Dvd Drive Stops Computer from Booting?!

I have a system I built awhile back (5 years ago?).. and I recently got the sony optiarc from newegg.. it has lightscribe.

Well it is Sata and so is my Hard drive. I had an old IDE Cd drive which i removed. Whenever the Sony Optiarc is plugged in via Sata the pc will not boot up. It makes an attempt, the fans spin and the lights flash but eventually it turns off. It just keeps doing this until I hard close it.

If i unplug the sata cables the computer boots fine.

I have an older computer with a SiS-661GX Board and 3.6 ghz processor.. 2gb ram and a 350 watt power supply.

What could cause this sort of thing to happen?
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  1. Does this sound like a power supply issue?
  2. Definitely sounds like it COULD be the power supply. Although that would be pretty unlucky if the difference between the old CD drive and the new DVD drive was enough to push it past the tipping point.

    One thing you might check -- does the system do this when the sata POWER cable is plugged in to the DVD drive but not the data cable? Or does it only happen when both are plugged in?

    If it works with the data cable unplugged but fails when both are plugged, it would suggest to me that there's some kind of compatibility/BIOS/driver conflict going on and that's what you should look at first. If it happens regardless of the data cable, I'd start with the power supply.
  3. Well it does the same thing when I add my IDE cd drive now... It never used to.

    I set the Bios to optimized default settings too, thinking maybe I changed something o accident.

    When I remove the power cable from the Ide drive then the computer boots... its odd.
  4. Okay now get this... I didnt do anything different. I just turned off my pc and plugged in my ide cd drive and it booted up ok.

    So would you still say its the psu?
  5. Does the new drive work in another computer?
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