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Bought a new Galaxy GT 240 Video card. And upon installing the drivers (with the disk that came with the card) I got a Windows error that read "The Nvidia setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. Setup will now exit"

I have an E2200 Intel processor , a 945GCT-M Motherboard, and PC 6400 DDR2 RAM.

And its not showing Display in Device manager.

Anybody have an idea as to what i should do?

This is a Fresh install of Windows 7.

Is there anything in Bios that i should Activate or change?
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  1. umm, what driver's version did u have? 32bit or 64bit version?
    If u have a 32bit then u can't install it on win7...
    U can download the right driver for your card at nvidia's site...
  2. Try downloading a driver from Nvidia's site and check if it works or not ?
  3. Wait, wait, wait, back up a minute.
    HOW did you install the card, and what were you using before?
    Do you still have the onboard GPU turned on?
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