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Basically, when I press the power button, the computer turns on for a few seconds, shuts off for a few seconds, turns on again, and then posts. It does this consistently. What could be causing this, and how can I fix it? The reset button seems to make it post like normal. No OS is installed yet (waiting for it in the mail), just trying to get it to post correctly before I go installing things. I've read the "READ before posting about boot problems!!" thread and didn't see anything with this specific situation.

Specs are:

Core i7 920 (w/ Coolermaster V8)
12GB (2x6) Corsair Dominator DDR3 Triple Channel
Kingwin 1000W Mach 1 Modular PSU
Nvidia GeForce GTX260
Nvidian GeForce GTS250 (not SLI'd obv)
1.5TB Seagate Barracuda

Update: Seems to happen only after the computers been shut off for a while. Holding the power button in to shut off the computer, then pressing it again a few second later to turn the computer on yields a normal posting. However, If I let it sit 5 or 10 min off, pressing the button triggers the situation described above.
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  1. anyone?
  2. i have the same problem. I an on my 3rd RMA with EVGA. EVGA has no clue either. This is what I've done to date. Tried 3 PSU's (2 Ulta X4 1200 and Corsair TX750), 2 sets of memory (both corsair 1600, 2 CPU's (i7 920), 2 video cards (NV 295 GTX &NV 9800GT). went over BIOS setting with EVGa on the phone all speced out perfectly. Ran in the case and outside of the case. Currently they are working the probelm and should e getting back to me soon. I've caleed local computer repair shop with no results. It is normal for an i7 on regular booting to come on for a moment then shut off and post. It should not cycle on and off multiple times.
  3. Normally this type of behavior occurs when you don't have the RAM settings set correctly in the BIOS. It tries to boot with the incorrect settings, fails, and then trys again with "safe" settings. What exact RAM kit do you have? Have you manually set the RAM speed/timings/voltage to their rated specs in the BIOS? Have you run Memtest86+ overnight to test for faulty RAM?
  4. In my case I have done that as well , even stepped the ram down from 1600 to 1333. Even ched the voltage of 1.65v as being correct.
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