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I have Local Area Network setup already with 5 computers (all running on Windows) linked to each other via the switch.
Now I have new computer would like to add into the Local Area Network.
Can you please advise what need to be done?

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  1. Write down the names of all the computer (Control Panel, System)
    Turn off firewalls on all the computers.

    Enable file sharing on relevant folders on the new machine (right click on the folder in Windows Explorer or My Computer).

    Connect the new machine and see if Networking Wizard comes up -- otherwise go to My Network Places and follow the wizard or go Add New Network Place.
  2. Hi fihart,

    Thanks for the info.
    I don't have any firewall at all. All I know is to plug the network cable into this new computer, which is connected to my switch. After that, what else need to be done? i.e How can I create the ID so that I can logon and connect to the LAN?
    My LAN is simple, I have 5 computers linked to the switch. But would like to add the new computer this the LAN. Please provide me the exact steps.

    Thanks a lot.
  3. The info I've given you is based on my experience of networking computers for simple file transfers. I've never set up a permanent LAN with passwords. You might want to repost to catch the eye of someone who knows more.
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