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Hi, I just got a replacement WD Elements because bad sectors turned up on my (not so) old drive. I would like to copy all my files from the bad drive to the new drive (provided my bad drive works long enough to allow that). Once I've done that, is there a way to test those files to see which if any are corrupt and need replacing? I'm a total newbie to this, so I'm not even sure if I'm asking the right question. I'd just like to do what I can to transfer as much of my data as possible to the new drive without creating new problems or perpetuating old ones. Thanks so much in advance for any help/suggestions!!
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  1. To get right to your question, no. Since any given file may be stored across sectors and clusters (depending on size) there is no direct way to check them without trying to open each one. On the bright side however data is generally not written to bad sectors (they are bad). Go ahead and do your file transfers.and you most likely be 100% ok. If you get an error message telling you that a given file can not be accessed because it is damaged, then you will know to recreated that file.
  2. Thanks! Is there a better, perhaps more reliable way to copy from one drive to the other besides simply selecting all folder and then copying and pasting? You can probably tell from that question how little I know about this. Thanks again.
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    Not in this instance. I think you will be best served to select the files you want to move and then do it over night or during dinner or .....? You will only do it this once so just take the time and soon it will be done. Windows 7 has a backup feature also there are specific programs made to back up all or part of what you have. They will also back up at set intervals, to only changed files and to new files. But what you are doing is a file transfer between drives so copy is the way to go this time.
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  5. Thanks! I ended up taking it to a shop to get the data off it. They are transfering it to a replacement drive for about $80US. Hopefully they'll have luck. I couldn't get it to copy anything. It would start and then hang for ages and not do anything.
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