Laptop GPU overheats too much when plugged in

Kindly go easy on me with some terms since im a newb. :na:

i currently have 2 laptops, Gateway FX-P79 & Toshiba Satellite M645. the fx-p79 has a gpu nvidia geforce gtx 260m while the m645 shows it has an intel(r) hd graphics family and an nvidia geforce gt 525m.

my problem is that the gpu of the fx-p79 which is a gaming laptop, overheats whenever i play high graphics games specifically diablo 3, battlefield 3 and dotA 2, i already cleaned the vents and added a cooling fan but what happened was it just slowed down the process of the heat building up on the gpu. the gpu heats up to 100º and continues to go up.

im getting the same issue as per the m645 but what's bugging me is that the m645 detects 2 gpu and using gpu-z, the temp of the hd graphics family is the one overheating up to 100º when playing battlefield 3 or dota 2. but when i check the geforce gt 525m, its temp just goes around 80-90 when loaded.

whats confusing is that when i'm on battery mode and tried to play those games, the temps stay around 70-75º although the fps drops but still is playable and smooth. someone told me that the gpu overclocks itself thats why it overheats?

i hope someone can help me out on how to solve this.
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  1. i dont know too much about laptops besides that they overheat like crazy because of the bad ventillation in them, the temps are high with the charger plugged in because the battery is getting power. what i suggest is you get a laptop cooler, but a good one from a reliable brand with multiple fans to cool your entire computer, temps above 80C is sort of bad for the computer and you want to stay under 75C really. try to look for some coolers on newegg that have a lot of reviews and dont get a cheap one because you'll probably get cheap performance
  2. you may need to mod the laptop for proper cooling too but try to get a fan cooler that you place on the bottom of the laptop with mutliple fast spinning fans that keep it cool, try to stay away from just one big fan because those dont spin as fast, id say go with one that has 2-3 fans and thermaltake is a good brand. zalman is also a good brand, i suggest you get and see how it goes, if it doesnt work you can return it for free and get a full refund.
  3. as indicated from my post, i already added a cooling pad and that cooling pad actually is equipped with 3 fans for cooling. what it just did was it slowed down the heating process but would eventually overheat in time. it feels like i need to tweak something in the laptop as to the same setting if im on battery mode coz on battery mode the temp is stable in a way while under load.

    still confused on what to do. >_>
  4. UP, still confused. :(
  5. One extremely expensive but surefire way to eliminate the problem is this Just get the aquarium, a wireless keyboard and mouse, and submerge laptop into the mineral oil. Honestly, I think the temps are cause by old fans. Since your laptops seem old (telling by the models, specs, etc) the fans may not be running at full speed due to wear and tear. Or the GPU has inefficient heat transfer. You could try lapping the heatsink.
  6. @cheezecake - thanks for the suggestion, will try and recheck again all the fans to see if its really clean or dust free. what confuses me the most is, whenever im on battery mode(battery is equiped), its not overheating. but once i plug it in, whether the battery is equipped or not, it overheats like crazy.
  7. I think the reason for that is that when you plugin a laptop, its power management features turn off so you get maximum performance. Once you unplug it, the power saving features kick in and limit the power draw, lowering performance and heat. I think you should check if the fans are just old and don't spin quite as fast or you could try using arctic silver thermal paste on the gpu. If that doesn't work, then you probably need new fans.
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