After OC CPU , PC starts slower

After overclocking the CPU , PC starts slower ( 3-5 sec more) is it really bad???
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  1. Are you sure your temps are ok? The reason for it being slower could be that the CPU is throttling the speed in order to try and keep the temperature down. HWMonitor is a handy tool that will monitor your temperatures:
  2. It would be nice if you listed your computer specs, what your OC clocks are, and what you used to overclock (BIOS, program, etc), so we can help understand your situation.
  3. You need to download CPUZ. You can use that to monitor your OC in Windows.

    Is the system slow to start up or does it look like it is restarting?
  4. my CPU is e 7500 2.93 GHz, OC to 3.4 GHz , but its a little bit slower only when i start it , after the windows starts its exactly as at 2.93 GHz

    but how to use this HW Monitor???
  5. and i OC it with BIOS
  6. mmmmmm technically if you OC depending on specs and OC'd stats you can *LOOSE* performance if your ram has to drop alot or de-sync everything etc - benchmarks and stability tests are your friends - i suggest use them and do it properly or dont bother at all
  7. It sounds like if you're having issues while booting then you don't have a stable overclock. I had this issue before when I tried overclocking an older system I had that just wasn't suitable for overclocking. It took longer to boot until I dropped the speeds back down to normal. Really you need to have a motherboard that overclocks well, a good solid PSU and a good cooling solution.
  8. so its better to put 4 GB ram DDR2 800 MHz ? (now i have only 2 GB DDR2 333MHz)
  9. You'll have to check your motherboard supports DDR2 at 800MHz as not all do. But yes if you are able to that would be a good upgrade :)
  10. yes , mine is ASRock P5B PRO
  11. Yes, you're motherboard does support DDR2-800 so this would be a viable upgrade. It still won't guarantee that you will have better luck overclocking though since as I said in a previous post successful overclocking depends on a lot of factors.

    Having said that, a jump to 4GB DDR2-800 from your current RAM would see a pretty big performance boost.
  12. Unstable ram sounds right to me.

    Run a memtest or prime95 and you may fnd your culprit. :)
  13. oh yeah , i see , after OC CPU, ram usage is 600-800 , but without its ~500 , need 4 ram xD
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