RAM not running at speed it should be?

Hey I just built my first build ever and am a little confused? My RAM was advertised to run at 1600MHz and in bios the highest it is 800 and so I click that and check it in CPU-Z and it only shows that it is running at 800MHz? Am I doing something wrong?
Thanks in advance!
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  1. 1600mhz RAM runs at 800mhz, 800mhz x2 (hence the DDR, that stands for Double Data Rate) for 1600mhz effective.
  2. So since I have DDr3 ram should I still be running at 800MHz to get 1600? or do i run at a third of 1600 since it's ddr3 sorry im a newb! :/
  3. What's probably limiting the memory speed is the CPU/motherboard chipset. The speed your memory runs at will be the lowest speed supported by both the CPU/motherboard chipset and the memory devices themselves. Check the CPU/MOBO specs to verify.

    I say CPU/motherboard chipset because you did not specify what CPU and motherboard you used. Newer Intel "Nehalem" architecture CPUs integrate the memory controller into the CPU. Previous architectures required an external chipset on the MOBO for the memory controller. My guess is that you have something like a Xeon 550x "value" CPU which is cheaper but sports slower clock speeds and slower memory interface.
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