Will this graphics card fit?

Hey i have a cyberpowerpc and i had it repaired and they put a sucky graphics card in (Downgraded to an Ati radeon 4600)

Im going to upgrade to an EVGA 9800 gtx+ graphics card and I'm wondering if it will fit on my motherboard.

Luckily cyberpower sent me the box that came with the motherboard, here's what it is.

Gigabyte S-series motherboards AMD 410g/sb700/am2/rev.1.0 PCI-Ex 16/pci-ex 1/Micro ATX 2 DDR2 Dual-CH/HD Audio GbE LAN/6 SATA 3/Gb/s/12 USB 2.0

its a foreign language to me XD i just need to know if the EVGA 9800 gtx+ will fit in, please help! Thanks
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  1. Yes like I said in your other post!
  2. Rev 1.0? Mmmm the graphics card will fit but will not give you the same performance as 2.0. Another problem could be the case, if you have a hard drive in one of the bays it could be a problem, but it should work with some rework inside the case.
  3. I don't think there will be any performance difference for that card on 1.0 slot vs 2.0
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