Mobo to pair with Athlon II x3 3.0 ghz

Hello...I just bought the Athlon IIx3 440 3.0 ghz from Fry's for $60 on an impulse buy because it was so cheap. I plan on ordering the GTX 460 1 GB gpu so the last piece I'll need during this upgrade process is the motherboard. I don't plan on doing any SLI in the future.

I just want a CHEAP but reliable mobo that has unlocking and easy oc capabilities. Micro board is perfectly fine also. The cheaper the better of course. Also, I have the corsair 450w, link below. Will this psu be able to power that cpu and gpu i stated above?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Hi.

    The nVidia site recommends a 450W or better and the recommended PSU is for the entire system so I think that the PSU that u selected is good for the job.
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