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I have recently bought a p67 pro3 and 2500 and naturally I want to overclock it :)

But I have a question. Right now I'm in the middle of overclocking and I set my Additional Turbo Voltage to +0.04. But what about the CPU Core coltage? Following a guide (asrock overclocking guide - google it if you want) I set it to offset mode +0.005V. With the 3.7Ghz (my goal is 4,2-4,4) CPU-Z shows Core Voltage at 1.328 which is a bit to high.

So I've set the offset mode to -0.050V and now I get 1,312V which still is a bit to high. Should I lower the voltage more or just set it to fixed at, for example, 1.28V ?
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  1. Additional turbo voltage is essentially only changing vcore at full load while offset will affect both idle and full load states. I'd suggest you put additional voltage back to 0 to lower voltage.
  2. Ok I will. But how about the mode - which is better? Offset or Fixed? Oh and Is it normal that when I set my core ratio to manual Load Line Calibration option disappears ?
  3. @verbalizer

    I'm curious?

    You show leaving all Intels CPU features enabled and then Disable Power Saving Mode?
  4. @verbalizer - Thanks as usual. At least now I have a point of reference. Btw - what Bios version do you have?
  5. The power saving mode is disabled by default, and has caused bsod for some people even at stock. I'd suggest offset so the voltage can lower when idling. I also keep my llc to lvl 5 for lower voltage.
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