Will this heatsink fit?

Hi all, I recently bought an asus M4A785-M motherboard and an amd phenom 955, and the stock fan is horrible, 72 celcius idle.... I was looking at newegg and saw the arctic cooler freezer 64 heatsink fan, for 30 bucks and it had good reviews, problem is I don't know if it will fit in my motherboard. Can I get help from people who know the two items?
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    That cooler fit without problems in the mobo that u have but look for the Hyper 212+ performs much better and is around the same price of the Freezer 64
  2. The AC unit is not that good the only thing it will do is lower fan noise and doesn't offer much in the cooling department over stock.
    A much better cooler is the CM Hyper 212+ provided you can find one.
    It's 158.5mm tall so make sure it will fit in your case.
    Any unversal cooler will fit youur mobo/ram and dimm interference is more of a concern.
  3. Hi again, I found the hyper for 30 bucks at frys.com. Is this easy to install or do I have to remove the motherboard? Also my case fan is at 2500rpm, is this normal? Thanks
  4. $30 is a good deal.

    You have to remove the mobo since the Hyper 212+ comes with a back plate for the mobo. Take a look of my signature and u can find an installation manual of the Hyper 212+.

    About the fan it's normal since I think that is a high end fan.
  5. Hyper 212+ is one of the best in that price range. I say go for it. And it also supports all AM3/AM2/AM2+ sockets. The main question is will it fit in your cabinet? I bought a new cabinet before i bought i first CPU cooler because my older one was too narrow and a local one with bad airflow!
  6. Well my case is 6.9 inches wide so it's not going to fit. Any other good coolers? I don't plan to overclock my 955 to like 4.0ghz maybe just a 200-400mhz.
  7. Hi again sorry for the late post. I looked at my processor and saw that there was barely any thermal paste paste on it and it was also uneven, also I forgot to clean the old thermal paste off before installing the stock cooler that had pre applied thermal paste. I'm using my old fan now and it says it's at 60 celcius idle, but I put my hand on the heatsink while it was running and it felt really cold, I figured none of the heat from the Cpu was going to the heatskink so the fan spinning at 5000rpm was cooling nothing, I ordered some arctic silver 5 from newegg. If I remove the old thermal paste and apply the new one it will solve my problems correct? Remember I have barely any thermal paste on it right now and it is very uneven, thanks.
  8. ^Yeah, remove the old thermal paste and apply the new one with that u will get better temps.
  9. Arctic Silver 5 is a nice TIM. Use it. After applying TIM see if the temps are normal. Then you may not need a cooler unless you overclock!
  10. The MX-3 or TX-3 are much better that the AS5.
  11. Well I already ordered arctic silver 5, and plus it has 4000 5 star reviews on newegg so it can't be bad, and probably better than the stock thermal. I am now going to use the stock amd heatsink with my old 80mm fan, since the stock amd fan is trash. I'm going to tighten the fan on it with some cable ties since it's bigger then the stock fan place an won't fit.
  12. Ok so I got the thermal paste and applied. Now my temps are 43 idle and 46 when playing a game. Problem is fan still at 4500 rpm, omg i can't take the sound anymore. I tried cool n quiet, asus probe, overdrive, bios, speedfan NORTHING WORKS, even q fan doesn't work, constantly at 4500 rpm. Yes I put the thermal paste correctly. When I touch heatsink tho its not even hot. My fan is 80mm 3 pin what do I do help please. Do you think the processor has sone heat problems, comp loads awfully slow an shuts downs awfully slow now and takes like 5 min to load at windows screen, maybe the processor is damaged?
  13. Where do u have connected the fan?
  14. The CPU fan place, I am now taking the 4 pin amd stock fan connector and connecting it to the 3 pin fan I'm using now, I hope the 4th pin yellow connector gives me control of the fan
  15. Let me know if that works
  16. Well the computer doesn't even recognize the fan now, it says no CPU fan but fan is spinning and temps are same, you think the only thing left to do is get a new fan?
  17. That's is rare, do u have another fan for test the cooler with that fan?
  18. Yeah my amd stock fan which is 60mm and spins at 1000rpm at full speed, 72 celcius trust me it's horrible
  19. Do u have the same problem with the stock fan? Yeah I know that is a crap but it's just for the test.
  20. Well the stock fan is 4 pin, but q fan doesn't work maybe because it's so weak the fan always has to run at full speed
  21. Why does it get so hot anyway, I read otter reviews and they say their 955 is usually at 30 degrees celcius. I don't even have it overclocked,
    Using good thermal paste, and a fan at 4500 rpm and still 43 degrees idle? Maybe the heatsink is bad? Or maybe the processor or motherboard have heat problems.
  22. I think that the problem is the cooler, a bad CPU isn't commune and the mobos usually have RAM slot fails.
  23. Well I guess I can order a fan and return it if it makes no difference right?

    Can you suggest a good heatsink fan that fits in my case? The hyper 212 does not fit at all, if you give me some coolers then I will reply if they fit or not.
  24. What case do u have?
  25. wouldent kow a thing about it im an intel born child
  26. My case is an hp, the freezer 64 fits with some room left over so you can base your thought on that, also nothing tall like hyper 212
  27. I think that this can help u.
  28. is there 1 without having to take out mobo? and also is the freezer 64 really that bad? Because it looks preety good for me and plus good reviews, but I want it to make a real difference in sound, and give me temps like 33 idle.
  29. With out take the mobo? IMO none.

    The freezer 64 is barely good for cooling but not for OC.
  30. Well I was thinking about removing the case panel and getting the hyper 212, it's good right?
  31. Fpsmasta said:
    Well I was thinking about removing the case panel and getting the hyper 212, it's good right?

    Just get a CM Hyper TX3 it's better then a AC Freezer and it will fit.

  32. Saint, I got the hyper 212 and my temps are still the same, 43 idle, I'm using artic silver 5 in the cross method, The fan however responds to the q fan, it spins at 1200 rpm idle, and 1500 during a game, temps during a game are 46. I read temps with this cooler are 32 idle? Do you think I should wait 200 hours for the aritc silver 5 to cure? My case is also small and in a tight space, with the case panel open, and with 1 fan. Also where do I put the vibrations absorbers that come with the fan. Any advice?
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