Will I be bottlenecked on this system?

Here's the build I'm getting in the next little while. Just wondering if I'll be bottlenecked by anything, especially the video card. I'm running @ 1920 x 1200 w/ a second 1920 x 1080 monitor for gaming. The build so far is set in stone [not paying for it] but just need some feedback, good or bad.

Coolermaster Wavemaster case
Intel i7/920
EVGA X58 SLI X3- 132-BL-E758-A1
6gigs Platium OCZ1333 DDR#3 Triple Channel
WD 300Gig Velco Raptor@10K RPM
WD 500gig Barricuda@7200.12
EVGA 8800 ULTRA@612 Mhz
LG Super Burner
Zalman 5.1 Headphones &mic
Razer Lachesis Lazer Mouse & Kingwin Keyboard
700W Corsair PSU

As for the video card, I'm actually using an HD4890 I just purchased since the 8800 definitely doesn't match the rest of the system.. It's a pretty big card but I'm considering buying another to Crossfire it even though I'm generally not a big crossfire fan it makes more sense to just buy another than to buy a faster card that'll be clocked back to the 4890. I'm also picking up a Dark Knight to overclock the i7.
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  1. uhhh, the vid card is very very bad, but the 4890 (why the 4890?) should fix that, and in crossfire it should be good, and after that, nothing really should be holding it back too much.
  2. Yeah the card is going to go into my HTPC rig, that's about all it's good for.

    And I went 4890 over 5770 because DX11 to me isn't worth the investment right now and the 5770's slower in 1920x1200. I usually buy one card every year or so rather than SLI/Xfire since it's generally not economically friendly but I'll make an exception if it's actually worth the investment.
  3. To equal the performance of two 4890's, you will be looking at spending around $400 on a 5870. I think another 4890 is worth it over the additional cost of a single card.
  4. That Seagate will outperform the Velociraptor in some applications. You might want to do some research and manage what you install on each. (Or ebay the velociraptor for some good money before it being outdated is more well known).
  5. I'll actually be adding the OCZ 60 GB Vertex I'm using on my current rig along with the 4890 I mentioned previously so that shouldn't be an issue, but I do appreciate the feedback since I didn't know that.
  6. Id use the Vertex for boot and Seagate for apps/data and ebay the velociraptor for sure, then.
  7. Didn't realize Veliciraptors were such a waste of money, I never knew how expensive they were till I just looked it up. I can't believe pay this much for these when SSDs are available.
  8. The 700W should support the two 4890s I hope?
  9. If it is the Corsair TX750 PSU, it will support dual ATI 4890's. I'm not aware of a 700w Corsair, so I would need a little more info to verify it.
  10. The 4890 is only a tier or so better than the 8800 ultra. It should give you excellent performance at 1920 x 1080 in most games. The 8800 ultra is still a good card, and you might want to market it on e-bay.

    The i7-920 will have no trouble driving the 4890 to it's capability.

    As a suggestion, get another cheap g-card such as a 3450 to drive your non-gaming monitor. That will allow your 4890 to use all of it's capabilities for gaming. I did, and it works well.

    I am not a big fan of sli/crossfire when your needs can be satisfied by a single card. If you need an upgrade in the future, consider selling your 4890 and buy the next best thing.
    Unless you go to a 2560 x 1600 monitor, an upgrade will not be necessary.
  11. Hm really? Everything I've read states the 8800 Ultra is no good for 1920 x 1080 or 1920 x 1200 but that's good to know. I probably won't use it in my HTPC in that case but rather sell it like you suggested or give it to my girlfriend for her computer.

    I wasn't aware that using another card for the second monitor would help much but I guess it makes sense. I assume I would want to not crossfire it but use it as a standalone card for the second monitor? In that case I'd use dual 4890 and the cheapo card for the second monitor.

    Appreciate the help.
  12. Also, one other question.

    A lot of reviews complained about the EVGA x58 SLI. Is it a bad board after a few BIOS updates? Some say 10-15 second POST which seems a bit absurd.
  13. godinster said:
    Also, one other question.

    A lot of reviews complained about the EVGA x58 SLI. Is it a bad board after a few BIOS updates? Some say 10-15 second POST which seems a bit absurd.

    Let me speak from my experience...

    GREAT MOBO... Very Slow Post.

    Your info on 10 - 15 seconds is pretty close, which is it's only down fall. It gives you time to get a pop from the kitchen and get back when Windows starts up (ok a little of a stretch but it is long enough to make you worried it might not post, than BOOM, it is there and you are good to go)
  14. Hm alright good to know. I was hoping a BIOS update would help.
    I'll live though.

    So final system specs:
    Intel i7-920 w/ Xigmatek Dark Knight Cooler
    XFX ATI Radeon 4890 @ Stock
    EVGA x58 3x SLI 758-A1
    6 GB OCZ 1333 DDR3 Triple Channel
    60 GB OCZ Vertex SSD
    500 GB Seagate Barracuda 7200 RPM
    500 GB WD 7200 RPM Drive
    750W Corsair PSU

    The EVGA 8800 Ultra will go either on eBay or to my girlfriend's computer. Or maybe into an HTPC.
  15. godinster said:
    Also, one other question.

    A lot of reviews complained about the EVGA x58 SLI. Is it a bad board after a few BIOS updates? Some say 10-15 second POST which seems a bit absurd.

    On any motherboard, you can often turn off features that you don't need, improving post time. Also, you can set the boot device to go to your hard drive first, bypassing the check for the CD drive.
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