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Okay, I am trying to decide on a new processor for a gateway GT 5674 (MCP61PM-GM AM2 motherboard), it had a Phenom 9500 (dog!) in it, in a dusty,smoking enviroment- chip overheated... repeatedly b-4 I got to it, pretty well unstable, crashes ect. (using it underclocked in another system now). Trying to do a budget slight upgrade, thinking about the AthlonII X2 250 Regor, or possibly the Athlon II X3 425 Rana, although I am up for all suggestions, it has to be in the $75 and under range.
My main question is how is AM3 chip, in a AM2+ motherboard will perform. System is used for light gaming, internet, light video editing... nothing too intense.
Thanks in advance!
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  1. couldnt find anything about cpu support on the ecs site, but on the gateway site it said 89watts or less, so id go for the x2 250
  2. Well your board isnt even an Am2+ board and im not entirely sure if it will even work if you do try make sure you have the latest bios installed.

    This is what Gateway says that board supports.
    Supports AMD® AM2 Socket K8 Athlon™ 64 X2, Athlon™ 64, Athlon™ FX, and Sempron™ processors under 89 watt power consumption.

    So the x3 rana is out it has a 95 watt TDP on it so that will not work. Your best bet to try would be the Phenom X3 8250e Toliman
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