New case potential issues (Thermaltake V9 Black)

Since putting my old build from a generic case into a new case bought from Worstbuy I've had issues with the computer coming right back on after putting it into hibernate or standby. I noticed it takes a few hours to do so now though since I replaced my 4850s in crossfire with a single GTX 285.

Do you think there's a short between the case and the motherboard? It doesn't seem to matter which OS I use whether it's XP Pro or 7. I know it's a hardware issue. Any ideas? Sometimes I can even shut it down and in the middle of the night it powers back on about 7 hours later. I checked the BIOS and everything seems normal.


MSI M9A2 790X mobo
Phenom II 940 @ 3.2Ghz
6GB DDR 2 800MHz dual channel
Nvidia (brand) Geforce GTX 285 1GB
1.5TB 7200 rpm seagate
500 GB 7200 rpm seagate
Blu ray/DVD burner LG
Sony DVD burner
Sony DVD reader
Windows 7 Home premium 64 bit

All drivers up to date. Not sure what to do. Please help! Thanks in advance!
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    See my configuration.

    Now, exit two posibilities for your problem:

    1- A short between the case and the mobo (like you said). Just rebuild the PC in your V9.

    2- Maybe your PSU start to fail, so, try with another PSU.
  2. Thanks I doubt it's my PSU. It's a 950 WT rosewill, been great since the beginning. It's only when I got this new case it started acting up. Where do you think the short could possibly be?
  3. Bump. :)
  4. Draw all your components of your PC from the case and install them again. Check all the screws that support the mobo to your case.

    And just for curiosity, try with another PSU.
  5. Thanks for the advice. Only problem is - this is the only PSU that has the proper connections I need and the others are crappy generic ones only rated at 500 watts or so. Not nearly enough for what I have in my system.. :( I guess I should go to bestbuy and test out one then return it later. Thanks again.
  6. Quote:
    the only PSU that has the proper connections I need

    What do you mean with that?. With a 600W PSU is enough for your system.
  7. I require the 6 pin power connector as well as the SATA ones for the components. Also a long enough cable to reach from the bottom to top of my case. Not willing to shell out for adaptors and cable extentions etc.
  8. I have the same case that you have, and my PSU is a thermaltake. So, i'm 100% sure that the PSU that you have isn't the only one that work for your rig.
  9. rickd_2689 said:
    and the others are crappy generic ones only rated at 500 watts or so.

    Rosewill is only one step above "crappy, generic".

    Your problem:
    Try to breadboard the system:
    to eliminate the case as the source of the problem.
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