Watercooling my new build

First of all.. I have a LGA 1156 Socket. I dont have it yet but its the one im getting. Ive decided to go watercooling on my new rig.

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Prod [...] 6813188056

I dont know a ton about Watercooling as this will be my first setup. I think for the price and reviews, this is a good setup:

Thermaltake Bigwater 760i
http://www.newegg.com/Product/Prod [...] 6835106108

I dont know if it will matter or not but im getting an i5 750.

My question here would be, If i were to buy that watercooling system, would it fit that mobo socket straight from the box? If NOT, Can anybody please point me to a piece that WILL fit that mobo? Not a whole new watercooling system, Just the piece that sits on top the CPU. Also, Im already overbudget with everything ive picked up, So if we could keep it below $40... Id much appreciate it.

Before anybody questions, Yes i did my homework. Yes i know that under the specs for the system it does NOT show the LGA 1156. It says it will fit the LGA 775. This is where my inexperience comes in. I know the two sockets are different. I just dont know in what WAY they are different. (eg. Mounting holes for the CPU cooling device) According to my eye, The mounting holes line up. Again tho, Im inexperienced in this area.

Before i forget. My entire system is coming from newegg.com I would REALLY like to get the adapter or whatever i need from them for the sake of my sanity and getting everything at once. lol So i would to thank everyone who has any input on this subject. Your help is MUCH appreciated!
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  1. $40 seems like a tough call.....a decent air cooling setup can easily cost more than that. What are you hoping to accomplish w/ water goal wise ? 4.0 Ghz ....4.2 ? 4.4 ?.....5.0 GHz ?

    Newegg is not generally the place that peeps go looking for water cooling.

  2. Well my answer is solved. I guess that board comes with mount hole support for LGA 775 type brackets. I watched a few videos on youtube about the board itself and they both said it. What i hope to accomplish is the look really. I DO plan to overclock, But not to an extreme. I live in a smaller city and from my own knowledge, Nobody else in my city has a watercooling setup. Chances are im wrong about that. Nobody i know has one tho and nobody i know KNOWS someone with one. lol

    The $40 limit was just for the CPU adapter. It wasnt for the entire cooling system. I had picked out the Thermaltake system up there, ($150) But i was unsure if the CPU piece would mount on the board as far as mounting holes went. Ive figured it out tho! :) Thanks for the help!
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