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IP forwarding to modem

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December 28, 2009 11:35:51 AM

Greetings... I have been trying to host a domain on my own computer, using an aplication called "Web Developer Server Suite" ( which includes Apache, MySQL, PHP and everything else you need for a server. Anyways, when I type my current IP address on my browser, it "redirects" to my ADSL modem (a Speedtouch 510v6, which internal IP addresses are and/or My external IP address is 189.83.xx.xx. Now this is what's bothering me: when I type the IP address for my server/modem network (which is, it shows the page that I want to access, located at C:/www/webroot/index.html. Can anyone pleeease help me troubleshoot this? I have tried to input my external IP on my computers at home with no success and later I will try to see what happens at a lan house. I don't really want to re-format my computer, i just did last month, and there's plenty of crap to install on it... I have already reset my modem to factory settings with no success.

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December 28, 2009 2:19:06 PM

Do you have port forwarding setup correctly on your router?

Also, your router is a NAT which each company seems to implement a bit differently. Remember, NAT is NOT official and is more a "hack" for TCP/IP and you can get weird results.

Your issue is you connect to your computer via your internal IP and connecting to your computer via your external IP can get unexpected results since you're located inside your NAT. Your best bet is to see what happens when someone else outside your NAT tries to connect in.
December 31, 2009 1:05:10 AM

By default HTTP servers use port 80 for incoming and outgoing traffic. In your question you do not mention the use of a router but if you have "other computers in the house" then you would have to have a router. lets say you type in your external IP to try and get to your webpage. this means the request being sent to your router is 189.83.xx.xx:80. however there are many computers that are connected to the router. how does it know which one to redirect the request to? this is where port forwarding comes into play. in your router set up port 80 to be redirected to, which is your server. the router is smart enough to guess where the incoming information should go, you have to tell it. if you need help with port forwarding, reply with your router type and i.l help
January 2, 2010 11:58:08 AM

no... i do not have a router, just the one modem. I only have one other computer networked at home, linked by a crossover cable... i did get this to work normally before i reinstalled windows...