Windows 7 crashes in dual memory mode

I have a Tigeer Direct NVIDIA Bare Bones PC with a 3.6 ghz Intel dual Processor and 2 sticks of DDR 2 800 2 GB (each stick)RAM. When I install them as the mother board papers say (4 slots install one stick in slot 1 and one in slot 3) for dual channel mode - windows 7 64 bit refuses to load and crashes at the windows symbol and then at the repair or start normal option each time after. It even dies when booted from the CD... It only runs (but slow) if I install them into slot 1 and 2 and it will run in single channel mode... I have it all set up and running in single channel so i know it all works, just not well. What am I doing wrong? Is it the Mother Board, the memory or a setting? Could it be a HD issue? Please help!
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  1. If it runs in single channel I wouldn't think its a HD issue.

    Have you tried slots 2 and 4 for dual channel?

    You may need to up your memory, cpu or NB voltages in the bios to cope with the extra stress of dual channel.
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