PC does not read new ram

Everyone i installed new ram those

installed and this what my pc can handle Maximum Memory Capacity: 4096MB
Currently Installed Memory: 512MB
Available Memory Slots: 3
Total Memory Slots: 4
Dual Channel Support: Yes
CPU Manufacturer: AuthenticAMD
CPU Family: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3800+ Model 15, Stepping 2
CPU Speed: 2400 MHz Each memory slot can hold DDR2 PC2-8500,DDR2 PC2-6400,DDR2 PC2-5300 with a maximum of 1GB per slot.*

and when i installed rams everything works fine pc turn on rams fits 1 beep sound i now have 2.5gb ram but when i open my computer to check i have 512mb ram. my pc dose not read the 2x1 gb ram i installed why? my pc can hold 2.0V ram (Acer aspire AST180)
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  1. Take the old ram out, try the new ramsticks one at a time, see if you boot ok,
    if both turn out to be ok to boot with seperately, install them in dual channel config, usually a1+b1, or a2+b2 slotwise will activate that, then post back your progress
    p.s. put your 512mb stick in a antistatic bag if you have one, keep it safe from getting fried :)
  2. I tried putting 1 of them in my pc and start it when i start it it launches the fan and power up but the screen stayed turned off and the pc makes that sound BEEEEEEP (1 sec) BEEEEP (1sec) BEEEEP i think the pc thinks the is no ram installed so pc wont launch. anyway when i put 3 of the ram bar pc launches normally with one beep(means correct) but Crucial Ram test says i only have 512mb so the pc dosent detect the new ram is there any updates i can do for my mobo or anything because my ram bar are supose to
  3. 3 beeps normally indicates a ram issue,
    did you try each of the new sticks on their own?
    We'll need you to post your exact Mobo model number as well,
    Im not sure what you mean by ram bar, but we need to find out if the new ram is defective, one stick obviously is (put that one back in its bag), try the other new stick on its own
  4. I did tried a1+b1 a2+b2 a1 alone with each stick unfortunatly keep beeping

  5. ok, I'm running out of ideas lol, cant find your Mobo on the net lol
    whats the exact specs of the old ram? and the exact specs of the new please
    Its possible there are bios updates out there, but I dont want you getting into that unless absolutely necessary :)
  6. yeah that what i was thinking about well whats stupid is crucial scan told me i can support pc2 5300,6400,8500

    CPU-Z sais my max bandwith is pc2 5300(333mhz)

    Old is 512 mb pc2-5300 DDR2 1.80V Hyundai electronics

    New 2X1024GB DDR2 pc2-6400 2.0V Kingston Hyper X Dual channel kit

    and my friend searched the net my motherboard and said Max is Pc2-4200 but now i showed him this hes totally confused.
  7. Thing is there your old ram has different voltage to the new stuff as I read it,
    have you altered your ram voltage in bios?
    and mixing the two voltages is going to create problems, especially if your bios setting is auto
    It wont know which amount to use and I think it will probably default to the lower voltage to be safe, definately dont have the two mixed in your slots man
  8. My pc is Acer aspire T180 and there is new bios on the site newer than mine but im scared it fucks up my pc anyway how can i only install the 2 gb ram with 2.0V as default removing the 512(1.80V)
  9. you remove the 512Mb stick as I originally advised, so you have no ram in there at all then you try one stick of the new ram on its own, then the other stick to ensure both are working ok,
    if you are worried about updating the bios yourself, maybe a local pc centre would do it for you cheaply enough.
    but if you follow the intstructions from your Mobo's website, you should be fine imo
  10. I tried Each one at A1 and each one at B2..Still beeping like there is no ram.
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    I think either your Ram is bad, unfortunately it can happen sometimes that both sticks are faulty, or that your Mobo doesn't support it,
    Maybe surf through the information about your Mobo on manf's website as to any memory support revisions, that would tell you if its worth updating the bios or not.
    no point updating it if theres no difference to the bios (regarding ram in your case)
    I'm sorry I havent been able to resolve this man.
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