CM 690 Top Audio Out and Mic Not Working

Hi all, I have a new build that has been running great, however, I get no audio out or mic in on the top audio plugins on the Coolermaster CM 690 case. I have the HD audio plugged into the ASUS p6t mobo. I get sound outta the back outputs, just not the top one. I have HD enabled in the BIOS.

Am I missing something here??? Any thoughts?

Thanks -> :o
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  1. The only thing I can suggest is to double check that all your front panel connections are in correctly and in the right order. You'll have to consult your motherboard manual or the instructions for your case.
  2. did it work before and suddenly stop? If not, then moody is correct. One of your front panel connections is wrong, happens all the time on new builds...not to me of course
  3. Also ensure that the correct most up to date drivers are installed. You're probably better off looking on the ASUS website for these. Good luck!
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