Is this mobo and memory compatible???

I am going to buy a amd 965 and biostar A785G3 mobo in pretty affordable price!
But the thing is i have a corsair xms3 2x2 gb ram which is not shown in compatibility list of the mobo!

So should i take the risk to buy this cpu+mobo combo on cheap??

I have corsair TW3X4G1333C9A but in the compatibality list in mobo, it says it supports TR3X6G1333C9.

Also, can this mobo handle the cpu??
I am looking to oc the cpu by little!
Here are the links to the mobo and memory;


please reply
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  1. That Mobo does support 965's
    and if the memory doesnt take, which I think it should, you can always bang it on ebay and get some fresh

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