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Hello, I'm doing my first ever build and I've always been a sucker for the look of the Alienware cases. So for my first build I'm looking at getting a case off ebay.

I'm confused about the lighting for the alienware case. I know it's built into the case and you just have to connect the cables to the motherboard etc.

But buying the case on ebay you don't get any of the software. Can you still change the color of the lights without the alienware software? How does the OS recognize the lights without the alienware lighting effects software?

Also I plan to use Windows 7 64-bit if that makes a difference, which i'm assuming it does.
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  1. The lighting is controlled by software through a circuit board mounted into the case. Without the software you can't control it.

    Seriously though don't bother with Alienware cases - they're really not very good. If you want the same Alienware lighting and you fancy doing some home DIY electronics there's a guy online who's done it, all software controlled too.

    I'll post a link when I can find it.
  2. I'ld like to find out who "The Guty'' is.

    Pos the link quickly! :D
  3. can't find the link now, but basically a guy created a DIY version of the Philips Ambilight lighting system for his PC.

    Although his software was designed to read colours off his screen and mix cathodes or LEDs accordingly, is software can also select a colour manually, which is exactly what Alienware does.

    So with a little modification of his project you can rig up clusters of tiny red, green and blue LEDs (or RGB LEDs) around the case and set them using software. Won't be quite as elegant as Alienware's but will do the same function.

    I THINK these aren't the ones but close enough and it's around Hacknmod somewhere!
  4. So i found out there are two light packages: standard lighting and the AlienFx lighting. Standard being passive and the other active(not sure what that means exactly?). On the standard light package there are three DIP switches on the actual card. I'm assuming the three switches are for the three basic colors of light, red, green, blue. And i tried to find the software to control it out on the web but haven't found anything solid yet.

    Thank you for your help guys.
  5. I wouldnt wase my time on trying to figure out an Alienware case.Get a nice case off Newegg or from Microcenter or something and some colored cathodes. Cheaper and the Alienware cases are huge and reeally bulky by the way.
  6. Quote:
    I'd like to find out WHAT a Guty is......?

    I meant Guy... :lol: :lol:
  7. you can control the lights through the dip card that comes with the cases and i do have them. yes it is manual switching but you will not wear yourself out doing it. about a 2 minute job to switch em to red, blue, green, amber, purple
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