Will RAM @1800mhz and 1.9v fry my i5?

Dear Community,

Recently, I managed to pick up some Kingston HyperX DDR3 RAM sticks at 1800mhz ( http://www.valueram.com/datasheets/KHX1800C8D3K2_4G.pdf ), but I was unaware of the implications and impacts that this will have on my new intel i5 750 CPU. I am aware that intel states that anything "above 1.65v" will cause damage to the i5/i7, but would there be any other approaches to get the RAM working safe and sound? I'm really worried that the CPU will get fried before I even get to the BIOS in order to try and crank things down a notch... Many thanks in advance.
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  1. Yes, that is a problem.

    The max voltage for an i5's RAM is 1.65. Anything above that will be detrimental your CPU as the manuals have stated.

    The manual says your RAM can run at 9-9-9 with 1333MHz at 1.5v. Put your RAM at those settings.
  2. crank it down till under 1.65 volts and play around with them like getting timings lower and stable frequency ,anything over 1600mhz shows lil benifit in real world applications
  3. Alright, I will see if I can get it to 9-9-9-24 with 1.65v in the BIOS. Thanks for the speedy replies :)
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