Does Gigabyte's motherboards supports Intel Turbo Boost Technology?

Hi guys,
Im about to buy a new PC for multimedia, i prefer Gigabyte's H55M-USB3 instead of ASUS's P7H55-M PRO, but in ASUS's specifications written the its supports Intel Turbo Boost Technology and in Gigabyte's its not, is that means that it doest supports?

Thnks in advanced.
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  1. Yes of course Gigabyte supports Turbo Boost which is included in your cpu they just didn't feel the need to post something so obvious.
    Here's the latest bios update which includes a turbo boost update if you don't want to take my word for it. F8
  2. thanks man!
    Im about to by Gigabyte's H55M-USB3 motherboard.
    I wanted to check if its supports DTS via HDMI and i found the following manual:
    There are written:
    "Supports HDMI Audio with Dolby True HD and DTS HD Master Audio
    (when Intel® CoreTM i5 600 series / i3 500 series / Pentium® G6950
    CPU is installed)" but I am about to buy Intel i5 760 CPU, does it means that it will not support it?

  3. The H55M-USB3 supports Dolby HD Home Theatre and your cpu.
    Also it overclocks like a mofo and has a better sound chip in it Realtek ALC889.
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