Silent 400watt PSU what is recommended

I am now looking at the PSU side of my build, puzzled that the PC's I have all seem to have 250 watt PSU or 170 Watt PSU driving Two DVD drives Two HD's and single core cpu at 3mhz.

This seems low but these Time or NEC or Dell machines I know ar e built down to cost.

Different webb sites that calculate the Wattage required all seem to want my new build to be either 400 or 450 Watt.
Build is G41-ES2l MB, E5400 Cpu Single DVD & Single possibly two HD. 160Gb. I only use office applications no gaming so onboard Graphics is adequate.

What's recommended idealy silent, I need also one for a slimline case ATX or MATX would be to large.
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  1. Have you checked silentpcreview ? Don't have enough experience building silent pcs myself. :)
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