ATI HD 5770 Eyefinity with triple 22" monitors?, 5760x1080 resolution

Hey guys-

I'm looking to get eyefinity for my triple monitor setup (3 x Dell s2209w) and need to know which cards will work well?

Will an ATI HD 5770 work well with a 5760 x 1080 resolution?

I have been deciding between:
1. Sapphire 5770

2. XFX 5770

Let me know what you guys think.

Ps. I'm not a huge gamer and really just use the comp for getting work done but with occasional game spurts (incl. bioshock, mw2, etc)
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  1. 5760x1080 is going to kill that 5770, it just isn't that powerful and the 128-bit bandwidth is going to cause some serious damage.

    About the least you could hope to use is a 5850, I recommend getting that or a 5870 and 2 monitors and getting the third later.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply AMW1

    For more info..I currently am running the triple monitor setup on 1 PCI-E card 8800 GTS 320MB and a PCI 8400 GS.

    I am really hoping to get eyefinity for cheap for light gaming.

    Why wouldn't the 5770 work well?
  3. Yeah, for gaming on three monitors the HD5770 will be lacking. It will be more than fine for everything else on 3 monitors however. If you are willing to game on just one of the monitors then it's an ok choice. Otherwise you'll want at least the HD5850 or 2 of the HD5770s in crossfire.
  4. jyjjy is absolutely correct in that you will do fine if you only game on one of those monitors and use all three when not gaming. However a second 5770 will not help since it is still memory bandwidth deprived by a good amount.
  5. But you guys think a single 5850 would work well with triple monitor gaming?
  6. It should do pretty well, especially if you OC the card.
  7. Please allow me to revive this thread as it is similar to a question I have regarding 5770 and multiple monitors (Found this as top matching on google).

    When you say its fine to game on one monitor, do you mean, just have the game on one screen, but still have the other two screens connected for alt tabbing, etc?

    My setup would not have three monitors but only two.
  8. wouldn't recommend the 5770 with 3 x 1920x1080, it would not run well at all

    at least get the 5850, also i would fine monitors that swivel 90 deg. and have 3240x1920, better aspect ratio (1.6875) as opposed to 5760x1080 (5.3333) this way it doesn't look so wide
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