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So my brother decided to copy me and get a computer except for the fact that he had his built by cyberpower and i built my own. Anyways on the picking parts out part i decided for him not to get an os cause i had one sitting around i could just pop in and save a few hundred bucks. Well whenever i do this it goes through the stuff and when it shows the drives theres nothing there at all. I know there detected b/c when it first boots up it shows the trim raid with the 60gb ssd along with the 1tb hdd. idk if its the raid thats doing this or not but i have no idea what to do. Please help.
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  1. BIOS sees drives but windows Install running from optical drive does not?
  2. Yes the bios does see the drive and i tried making the drive run first in boot order and everything but the windows install doesnt see it.
  3. You select your Optical drive as the first boot drive and boot up from your OS disk to install it on the hard drive.
    If you selected the computer without windows then it will not start on an empty HDD!
  4. no i have it set up as that the optical first and the hdd last but it still wont work maybe it has something to do with the trim raid setup?
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    Enter your BIOS and make sure the drives are running in ACHI. Trim is a function that is only available on some SSD's.
  6. what windows? you are missing the chip-set drivers windows installer will not see HD unless you provide appropriate drivers during boot up
  7. Windows 7 ultimate 64bit that i acquired but it worked on the computer i built. I fixed it now had to take it out of the raid mode and put it on achi thx alot rolli!
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