Hdd not recognized by bios or windows

I recently built a gaming pc, and am running windows 7 on a Mushkin 60gb SSD, alongside a Seagate 1tb HDD, with a z68 mobo

The SSD runs fine, no problems there. Initially, I had no trouble finding the HDD in the bios. Windows 7 recognized it, but it didn't function as a hard drive. Disk management picked up the 1tb as "unallocated", so I made a note to format it the next day and went to bed. The next morning it disappeared from windows and the bios, and I haven't been able to find it since. That first night, I did click "populate" - would that have screwed anything up?
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  1. First thing to check is if all the connections are in properly then check if you have a drive controller disabled in BIOS.
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