Geforce 210 replacement

Hi i am getting an hp computer
its gonna be like this

AMD Phenom II X4 920 2.8ghz

4 gig ddr3 ram

nvidia 512mb geforce 210 gt

its the model e9200z from the hp site
i know 210 sucks and i want it for gaming so im going to buy a new graphics card
the reason for buying a new one is because im not allowed to buy a good graphics card with my computer so im buying the new graphics card from a friend

i was just wondering what are some higher end graphics card below $200 that will fit in my computer and be compatible maybe like ati 4850+ or geforce 240+

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  1. If you get it from HP with a low end card you will get a low end PSU as well! Budget in a new PSU if going any higher than a HD4670 or GT240.
  2. so nothing good can work with their PSU if i order a 210 gt from them? dang i was gonna replace it with a better card
    so theres no way??
  3. both the GT240 and HD4670 are a good step up from gt210. But if you have a budget of $200 you can get a HD5750/70 and a good PSU.
  4. can u reccommend me a good cheap PSU that can supply enough power to maybe a 9800 gtx+ on newegg? thx

    and how do i know if it will fit inside my hp case?
  5. when i say fit i mean if the graphics card and the power supply will fit
  6. Best answer
    That would work in your computer! PSU HD5770
    I looked at a picture it is a tower computer case.
  7. ima go with a cheaper card actually but thanks so much rolli your a nice guy
  8. This HD4850 is a nice deal and a good choice if you want something cheaper;
  9. hey jyjjy how is the 4850 compared to the 9800 gtx+
    im always good for cheaper but i want one that can gimme excelent gaming experiences with games like crysis but mainly modern warfare 2!!
  10. thanks ima go with that one, 40 bucks cheaper than the gtx+
    can it run crysis max settings? or are both of them not good enough
  11. It should do well with Crysis with max settings but no AA at lower resolutions(1280x1024 and below.) That's the most intensive game around by a good margin.
  12. ok thanks so much i wish i could give u best answer too
  13. It's ok, doesn't really matter.
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