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Hello, can someone help me find a waterblock for the EVGA 015-P3-1582-AR GeForce GTX 580 SuperClocked Video Card. I want to ask you guys since you know alot more about these things than I do. I have read the watercool sticky and I guess a full cover block would be best to cool this card, but can I get some universal waterblock suggestions as well? If I decide to go universal waterblock what would be the recommended method to cool the VRM?

Thank you in advance

Link to card:
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  1. If you search for your card on this website then it'll give you a list of blocks both full and universal that will fit on the card. Then you just have to look for it at an etailer.
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    Just a bit of a clarification, coolingconfigurator will only tell you which EK Watertblocks are available for your card. If you want to get a different waterblock, just use that site to find out if it is a reference design PCB (It'll say if it is or not after you've identified your card and gone to the next page, it'll show a photo of your card and then a photo to the right saying whether or not its nvidia's original reference PCB design. If it is, then any waterblock made for the 580 will work on your card. Otherwise you'll have to stick to what EK has
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