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Hi. I have read the previous questions and answers, but still am not figuring out how to delete one Administrator. I have no idea how two administrators showed up, but its sure turned my PC into a SLOW BEAST! I have a regular administrator account, then this Compaq-Owner with "Your, then a bunch of numbers, shows up as administrator and is on the main screen when I turn the PC on. Its like two people are using my PC at the same time. When I go to log off to my regular screen name, a message appears that says, "Other user's are currently signed on. If you switch user's, other user's could lose valuable data", and my normal screen name now has me listed as "limited". I don't like messing around in the Administrator acct., unless I have step-by-step instructions. I want to avoid the risk of killing my PC. This is for Windows XP - Home Edition. Can anyone help me get this awful mess fixed? I would really appreciate it!

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  1. Before we go any further, it's probably best to restart into Safe Mode by tapping Function 8 as Windows starts to load. Once there, click to log in on the Administrator account then go to Control panel>User Accounts and post back the names and details of all the account in there.

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