What DDR3 do i get? 2133? 2200? 1600?

So I'm looking to buy some 4GB ram, and I've heard that G Skill Trident, Ripjaws, and Patriot Viper II Sector 5's are the best cards for me. Not sure what memory standard I need to get though, do i get 1600 and overclock it? Do i start with 2200? is it ok if it's 2133? I also heard goodt hings about mushkin, but none of the review websites mentioned it.

This is my build
Case: haf 932
CPU/ MOBO- Core i5 750, Asus p7p55d-e pro which supports DDR3 2200(O.C.)/1600/1333/1066
-I've seen quite a few reviews that said that the ripjaws were a very very tight fit in their builds w/ mobo/cooling, so it's my last option. I saw the Patriot Viper II Sector 5 2133 was at 139.99 instead of 189.99 (w/ 50 MIR) so I was leaning towards that but the trident is similarly priced at 2000. Am i supposed to get 1600 (which would be great b/c its cheaper...)
I plan on overclocking, ideally something noob-friendly and not too energy intensive.

I haven't bought the mobo yet, but there are a few combos included in there as well, if one of those are particularly good maybe i should spring for combo for extra discount?
ocz reaper/gold (been hearing terrible things about ocz ram though), corsair xsm3. Ripjaws and Trident w/ DDR3 2000 also included in combo options.

Or should I get a fan w/ it? They have some good looking stuff that might be good for the i5 750/mobo like the master cooler 212/etc,, not sure what cooling system to use either, so if one of the combos in there w/ the fans are good i might just get that.

Rest of build
GPU- gtx 460, 1 gb sonic platinum
PSU- xfx 750w
not decided on sound card
ssd- probably vertex 2 extended 120 gb and samsung f3
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  1. I would get the E-PRO mobo and 1600Mhz CL7 ram.
    I own the Ripjaws kit i'm impressed.The nice Mushkin kit is out of stock.
    Btw you don't need fans for memory.
    Trident and Sector 5 kits are taller then Ripjaws.
    Don't put too much stock in Newegg reviews.
  2. Hi.

    Go with this that are very solid.
  3. thanks.

    ok, so nothing above 1600 mhz? 1600 is the best for me b/c....?

    or is the difference minimal/not worthwhile.
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    The best performance is with CL and high speed ie: 1600 with CL6 but don't have sense spend $159.99 in a 4GB 2200 kit with CL10 if with $102.99 u can get a 1600 RAM with CL7 that can performs very similar or even better.

    So yeah, the 2000MHz is more expensive but that doesn't mean that is better.
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