EyeInfinity + Crossfire 5770x2

So, apprantly the new 9.12 Catalyst drivers support EyeInfinity + CrossFire.
However, I'm told it's buggy.
But what I don't know is whether or not you can finally use DVI+DVI on the first card and a single DVI on the second, or if you're stills tuck to DVI+DVI+DP on the first card only.

I have two Samsung 2343 (23" 2048x1152) monitors right now and I'm going to get a a used 5770 for cheap tomorrow. I want to just buy a 5850/5870 now, but I'd have to wait a couple months to afford that. By getting a 5770 now, then buying a third Samsung 2343, and eventually getting a second 5770, I don't have to wait a few months all at once, I can enoy it sequentially now. I would have just gone for a 5850 right away, but a mixture of not being able to work (illness) and a boss who screwed up my pay changes that. That, and that to buy a 5850 locally costs about $360-380 (despite the CAD = 0.97 USD right now).

In time, I'd eventually trade up to 2x5890 2GB when I hahve the money (So I could actually use AA/AF), but that's still quite a bit away.
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  1. I believe you still need a display port monitor.
    Here is an HD5850 for $315 canadian;
  2. I haven't heard of CF and Eyefinity working together yet. When the 5970 came out they had to use beta drivers for CF + EF. It only worked for about 6 games, and ONLY for the 5970. Have a link about these 9.12s of which you speak?
  3. *** newegg. They aren't getting another cent from me. -_-
    As in local I meant shops such as NCIX and MemoryExpress (NCIX s ncie for their dirt cheap express shipping).

    9.12 drivers are posted right on the amd/ati site. It was on widescreengamingforum.com that someone said eyeinfinity over crossfire on Catalyst 9.12 drivers.
  4. I think I'd want more then just a guy on a forum claiming it works now. I'm not saying it doesn't, but I'd want a real review site to show me.
  5. Xfire works, but as mentioned by SS you are still limited to the output options of the one card, so if you want 3 DVI then it requires an active adapter. You can use a passive adapter if you can make VGA one of your options.
  6. Thank you.
    Quite dissapointing though. =(
  7. You can still run it, just get a passive adapter (~$25) for DP->VGA and hook-up the third Samsung 2343 via it's VGA port. Not as expensive as an active adapter for DP->DVI.
  8. VGA on anything higher than 1280x1024 looks like crap. >_<
  9. Not really (says the man typing this on a 1920x1440 IBM P260 monitor running off a Matrox G550 in my DELL DockingStation), you just need the right tools. :sol:
  10. Btw...I made a mistake and bought 5770's with only 1 dvi connector (because they were cheapest ofc).

    That means I had to buy (a cheap admittedly) hdmi-dvi connector.
  11. Ha. =D

    I made sure to pick up a reference card.
    No ugly ass egg shaped cooler that recirculates air or 512mb card for me please. =D
    Just waiting to have some spare cash to pick up my 2nd 5770 and 3rd 2343.

    Though I may get a Dell SP2309W instead of a third Samsung 2343 (HDMI, onboard speakers, webcam, sexy).
    And about the VGA/DVI debate on high resolutions, it's been a while since I tested, but my current card doesn't even have a VGA port and I lost my DVI to VGA adaptor to recheck. =D
  12. anamaniac said:
    I made sure to pick up a reference card.
    No ugly ass egg shaped cooler that recirculates air or 512mb card for me please. =D

    If I'm not mistaken that IS the reference cooler.
  13. That's the reference cooler for the 5750, most 5770 have the card-long HSF assembly.
  14. Actually the egg shaped cooler looks pretty good when you see it irl. My HIS one has it, and the pcb is a nice shade of blue and they both combine to make a nice looking card. Way nicer than the arctic cooler on the powercolor play edition.

    The HIS one is also running 6-8 degrees cooler too, although some of that can be attributed to it being in slot #2.
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