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Is there an Intel CPU speed Comparison Chart here or elsewhere? Im looking to buy a newer computer and want to see the fastest CPU I can afford. My Dell is 10 yrs old this month. SO you know where my tax refund is going if I ever get it ?!?
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  1. If you post your budget and what you will be aiming to do with your new system there are plenty of people on these forums who will be able to offer you the best performance system for your budget :)
  2. Tom's hierarchy charts are great for a quick reference to get a general idea of which ones are similar in performance.,2570-7.html

    Realize that certain tasks favor certain processors, so if you post your budget and your intended uses we can throw together a build for you that will do what you need.
  3. I'll have a total of $585 for new computer. I use it to watch streaming movie from ABC, and Moviefather and for some work projects. My Son is a gaming machine on WOW, and Starwars - and then for highschool. My Wife uses it for her, Geneology, mass tea party invites and Facebooks the heck out of Farmville!.
    I do not need a monitor or keyboard- I have a DSL modem W/a wireless gateway.
    Someone please help me find the right PC - I need Intel as Im not an AMD ( had 2 in the past and both went down in flames. The Dell I have now is ok as 2 years ago I maxxed out the memory to 4gb - but it is a Pentuim4 2.8 and seems to be getting slower everyday - Looking for some real help here on a budget!
    Thanks Tdawg13
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