ATI HD5750, Someone please help its killing me

Whenever i open up a game like GTA San Andreas, A couple of minutes or seconds the game stops responding, goes to a white/grey/red or any other colour screen then keeps on going but this will happen maybe 10 times during a 30 minute span.

My Specs are:
AMD Phenom II X2 3.10 GHZ
4GB DDR 2 1066 OCZ Platinum
X2 WD Green Power 500 GB 32MB Cache
Windows 7 x64 MCE Ultimate

PLEASE, Please someone help. I've had this problem for awhile now but it had seem to come and go.

- Jason
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  1. Does it only happen in GTA IV ? have you updated your VGA drivers ?
  2. Its not GTA IV, Its GTA San Andreas. My friend plays it on Windows 7 x64 bit without a hitch. I've put the .exe on Windows XP SP2 Combatability mode, I think its working. But if the problem persists ill come back here thanks.
  3. Sorry about typing,i have typed the word GTA IV a lot these days :D
    As i said did you update your driver ? also if it runs OK with SP2,then if your FPS is good then play with it otherwise try disabling Windows Aero and check if it helps
  4. Your system is overkill for GTA San Andreas, u should run it without any problem...
    Agree with Maz, do as he said.. :)
  5. Windows Aero is automatically disabled for older games like GTA SA, But it seems to be running fine now. And in response to wa1's comment, I do realize that is overkill for a game, But i will get more graphically intense games later on through the years.
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