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I have an older system, a Dell Optiplex 8400, though I have upgraded a fair amount over the years. It currently is running Windows XP with a P4 3.4GHz, 3 GB of RAM, and a Radeon x1800 for my video card. The power supply is either 400 or 450W, and I shouldn't need a low profile card. I'm hoping to run new games like Dragon Age at fairly low resolutions (1280x1024 ideally, though 800x600 is more likely). I was hoping for suggestions for a replacement video card. My budget is in the $50-$100 range, though I don't want to buy something that way overshoots the rest of my system. I've been eying a Radeon 4670, though I am not sure that is really the best fit. Thanks.
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  1. Does that system have an AGP port or PCI-E?
  2. Don't spoil your budget with anything else
    Go for Radeon 4670
    It will play every single game you want with maximum settings at 1280x1024
    Make sure your PSU is at least 400W
    Good Luck
  3. mfarrukh said:
    It will play every single game you want with maximum settings at 1280x1024

    Not even close but it will do quite well. It's is a good purchase for its price and probably the best you should bother with considering you CPU assuming you have a PCI-E port
  4. Another vote for HD4670 if you want a little more the new ECO/Green version of the 9800GT that does not need external power. Anything more powerful would be held back seriously by your CPU.
  5. Thanks for the info, guys. I do indeed have a PCIe slot, and the PSU is at least 400W. I'll go ahead with the 4670.
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